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Single Garage Doors

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Double Garage Doors

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About Our Garage Doors

Remote Control

Gain a much greater drive by removing your old timber framed door. Parking the car in the garage will be less of a squeeze and more of a breeze! Also, being able to park close to your door while still being able to open and close it can be a big benefit to those with short driveways.

Great Variety

Why not choose something different to compliment your home. You can choose from a wide range of colours including the latest wood grain finishes, complimenting your uPVC windows, doors and soffits; we'll even make you a striped door for those truly dedicated sports fans!

Safety With Built In Security

At Secure-It we value your safety! That’s why all our doors are fitted with the latest safety systems such as in-built safety brake and our safe-edge system below; which detects obstructions on impact and auto reverses. Also included as standard is our “Auto lock” system. This automatically keeps the door locked in the closed position using special interlocking hinges fitted to the top of the door curtain.

Our remote control systems all have a “Rolling Code System” which means it’s virtually impossible to copy the frequencies of your handset thus enabling access to your garage.
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